BlockChain Cuties

Blockchain Cuites – is the top cryptocurrency based game that is packed with fun imaginary cute animals which you can breed & sell. Blockchain Cuites lets you collect cats, bears, dogs & lizards plus earn cryptocurrency & are the first cryptocurrency game.

                                                                           What is Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is a new collection cryptographic game where users can play with puppies, bears, cats or other species of creatures, whether real or fantasy. In the Blockchain Cuties game each cutie, a term used to refer to the characters, is 100% unique and belongs exclusively to a single user, so each player decides what they want to do with their cutie: collect it, exchange it or transfer it.                                         

The Blockchain Cuties game works through smart contracts in the blockchain of ethereum and each cutie is actually an ERC-72 token, that is, it works like a regular cryptocurrency. Blockchain Cuties is created to provide a more accessible way to learn about the blockchain world, very similar to CryptoKitties , a game developed by the Canadian technology company AxiomZen.

A very attractive feature of the game is that Blockchain Cuties has a competitive mode that is based on turns with dice-throwing battles, and each Blockchain cutie competes against other cuties or with artificial intelligence opponents in different places. After the battle, the cutie receives experience that will help him level up.

Your Blockchain Cuties character raises another level tenderness

Now, Blockchain Cuties allows you to customize your cutie with the new feature introduced in the game. Through bidding system players can bid and try to win that their cutie is customized on the website. This offer will be made through an intelligent contract and only 5 per week will be designed; People who lose the offer will have their ETH returned.

The team will be in charge of contacting the winners through their emails and will request photographs to base the design of their characters on their features. Once ready, the custom Blockchain cuties will be sent to the account in the game. During the first two weeks, the initial offer will have a 75% discount.

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In July, 4, 2018, Blockchain Cuties, a new game of encryption collectible in the blockchain of Ethereum, produced its first encryption portfolio, according to the company statement.

The game Blockchain Cuties was released on April 24, 2018. The match will allow players to earn money on the sports market. Characters or so-called cuties are exchanged or exchanged between players as a typical cryptography, making use of sensible contracts of the Ethereum. Cuties have their unique artefacts and talents.


Blockchain Cuties was economically produced, using a compact encoding of game data to cover the threat of an overload in the Ethereum community and minimize transaction service rates for players, suggests the company's launch.


A wallet full of cuties


According to business representatives, this is the first time in the crypto recreation market that a game has introduced its wallet.


Blockchain Cuties  - The corporation says that the innovation of the wallet is that there is no need to put you in extra and independent browsers to participate in the game. So significantly, the portfolio allows buyers to maintain knowledge and make payments, and is also arranging to apply for a long-term shipping option.


"This introduction is not an easy barrier to divide in order to improve the practical experience of the consumer and allow additional people to get the sport," says the ad text.


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The Blockchain Cuties wallet - or the BC wallet - is already built into the recreation, and was created as an option for Metamask. Players can transfer funds to the wallet account through Ideal Charge directly from the game, and do not need customers to use any method of registration.


In addition, Blockchain Cuties players have the ability to use their credentials and accessibility of their properties in other portfolios, such as Metamask, Credition Wallet, Toshi, Cipher or Position.

"The personal Blockchain Cuties wallet of the game is listed here for consumers who are new to the current market or people who do not want to set up extra browser extensions to participate. 

For others, Metamask and other software portfolios can now be used to trade properties. And get into sports, both on desktop and on mobile, "the study said.


BC wallet is adhering to the stability business requirements, according to pressure release. Blockchain Cuties - All facts are saved on the user side of the storage near your browser. Consumer credentials and personal keys are securely encrypted.

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